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Pedro Martinez Should Be AL MVP -- I'm Really Very, Very Convinced of This
Ed Dykhuizen, Piedmont Channel [November 16, 2000]

Robert Sullivan, Time [June 26, 2000]

Pedro Martinez -- Baseball Warrior
Red Sox Gripe [September 2000]

Boston Globe/Herald Articles About Pedro Martinez

The man at ease -- A conversation with Pedro Martinez
Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe [October 3, 1999]

Martinez lights it up again
Michael Holley, Boston Globe [February 23, 2000]

Pedro, Nomar put their signatures on memories
Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe [February 27, 2000]

Pedro not high on Rocker: Martinez proud to be color-blind
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald [February 27, 2000]

Pedro: Genius at work -- Martinez knows how to play game
Michael Holley, Boston Globe [March 31, 2000]

Martinez starts things rolling
Dan Shuaghnessy, Boston Globe [April 4, 2000]

Perturbed Pedro steps up, takes his cuts
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe [April 18, 2000]

Pedro bests rival again
Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe [May 29, 2000]


Bill Simmons, the Boston Sports Guy:

"Pedro and Destiny" (August 3, 2000)
"Is Pedro Healthy?" (June 23, 2000)
"SG's real-time running diary of Pedro-Roger III, updated every 30 minutes on Wednesday afternoon" (June 14, 2000)
"The Pantheon: The Case for Pedro" (May 16, 2000)
"Should Pedro Win the MVP?" (September 15, 1999)
"162 and 0?" (April 5, 1999)

Bob George @

Florida Sunshine Quickly Becomes A Hurricane
March 2, 2001
Mr. Pedro Proves Quality Triumphs Over Quantity
November 14, 2000
Suspend Mr. Pedro? Sit Nagy Down Also
May 4, 2000
Indians Whine While Mr. Pedro Shines
May 1, 2000



Pedro Speaks Out (
I would like to retire in Boston. I will repeat that 30 times.

Martinez unanimously voted 2000 AL Cy Young Award Winner (November 13, 2000, Press Conference (November 13, 2000,

"Why Pedro Is The American League MVP"
Dayn Perry, MLB Talk [September 27, 2000]

Appreciating Pedro
Baseball Prospectus [November 21, 2000]

"Internal Consistency"
Joel Veeneman, Baseball Prospectus [May 9, 2000]

Small comment about Frank Robinson's poor handling of the Martinez/Einar Diaz brushback incident. Perhaps Robinson needs to be "beaten senseless with a clue stick".

C. O. Jones's "Foul Tips" column on Felipe Alou's handling of Martinez while the pitcher was in Montreal (March 28, 1999,

Pitcher Usage and Result Patterns: 1998 Boston Red Sox, by Jeff Bower and Chris Kahrl (Baseball Prospectus, January 20, 1999)

On March 14, 2000, Pedro Martinez and five other Red Sox pitchers threw a perfect game against Toronto in spring training. Here is the play-by-play.


Boston Globe 2001 Baseball Preview

Hope diamond
By Gordon Edes
Always looking inside -- Drive from within is at the heart of Martinez's brilliance
By Gordon Edes
Head of production -- At peak efficiency, Ramirez has shown he'll deliver goods
By Gordon Edes
Challenging task -- A little Yankee ingenuity could help Sox measure up
By Bob Hohler
He knows whereof he speaks -- Orsillo at home on NESN
By Bill Griffith
Sox and Fox 25 proving to be a fine marriage
By Bill Griffith
Rockies reach for the pinnacle
By Michael Holley
American League East
By Gordon Edes
American League Central
By Gordon Edes
American League West
By Gordon Edes
National League East
By Gordon Edes
National League Central
By Gordon Edes
National League West
By Gordon Edes

Boston Globe 2000 Baseball Preview
Red Sox 2000 Preview
Gordon Edes
Historical society: Martinez joined greats with an epic '99 season
Dan Shaughnessy
Aces of diamonds: They're even more valuable than you think
Gordon Edes
Chain of command: Sox have had their dominators, but it has been a lonely job
Larry Whiteside

Baseball Prospectus: Internet Baseball Awards

1997: Martinez wins the NL Cy Young Award and finishes 6th in MVP in the NL.
1998: Martinez finishes 2nd in the AL Cy Young voting (to Roger Clemens) and 12th in MVP (with 5 first-place votes).
1999: Martinez wins MVP by a huge margin over Derek Jeter. He also wins the Cy Young Award, receiving 588 of the 598 votes cast.
2000: Martinez wins the AL Cy Young Award and finishes 4th in AL MVP voting.

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