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News Archive for September 15-30, 2002
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September 28, 2002

Red Sox Notebook
Paul Harber, Boston Globe

You want to talk about consistency? Check out the AL East standings. Nothing has changed in five years. The Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles, and Devil Rays have finished in the same order each season. This "quintfecta" is a first, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. In fact, no two teams have ever finished 1-2, as the Yankees and Sox have, for five straight years.


September 27, 2002

Drag For Hancock -- Picks Up The Loss Despite Solid Start
David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

Standing on a chair with a disposable camera, Pedro Martinez was cracking up as he took pictures of Josh Hancock slipping on a pair of fishnet stockings. ...


September 26, 2002

Martinez is better than latest words
Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe 

It just wouldn't be the final week of the Red Sox season without some controversy involving one of the team's star players. ... Pedro Martinez, one of the greatest pitchers ever to toil for the BoSox, infuriated portions of Red Sox Nation by announcing that his season was over after he beat Baltimore for his 20th win last Sunday. ... We hooted on Wade Boggs for "sitting on his average" when Don Mattingly was chasing him in 1986. How is this different? Martinez should pitch the game. But what is infinitely more offensive and inappropriate is Martinez's ill-timed, selfish plea to have his contract extended. He made a not-so-veiled threat last Saturday in Baltimore and the words still sting. 


September 25, 2002

Pedro's shutdown a real shame
Steve Buckley, Boston Herald

It was a little over a year ago that we all wondered if Major League Baseball was going to step in and rescue Pedro Martinez from the Red Sox. Remember? Martinez was cooked last year, his shoulder ailing, his face all puffy and sad-looking, yet it didn't stop soon-to-get-the-gate general manager Dan Duquette from directing puppet manager Joe Kerrigan to send the right-hander to the mound at Yankee Stadium. ...

Red Sox Notebook
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

[Grady] Little said Pedro Martinez continued to work out as if he were going to make his next start, in the event of a miraculous twist in the wild-card race. "This time of year it doesn't involve a whole lot between starts," Little said. "He plays catch in the outfield." But the manager did say that if - or when - the Sox are eliminated, he will begin resting many of the regulars.

Race Not Over Yet -- Red Sox Win Fifth In Row
David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant 

Pedro Martinez was curious as he leaned back in his chair with a beer. "Why am I getting ripped back in Boston?" Martinez said.


September 24, 2002

Pedro may not shut it down just yet
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

With the Anaheim Angels' timely slide keeping the Red Sox mathematically alive in the playoff hunt, Sox manager Grady Little clarified his pitching plans, saying that Pedro Martinez will take his next start if the team still has a chance. ... "If Anaheim (continues to lose) and we're still in it, of course I'll pitch,'' said Martinez (20-4). "I didn't think that needed to be said. I'll even pitch a few days early if needed. If they want me to go on two or three days (rest), I'll gladly do that.''

Former Winner Gives Pedro Edge
David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

Want to know who should win the American League Cy Young Award? Ask a Cy Young winner. Like most people, former Orioles pitcher Mike Flanagan believes it will come down to Pedro Martinez and Barry Zito. ... "For me, I think you probably got to go for Pedro," Flanagan said. "Sometimes you look for a new kid on the block. But I think the strikeouts and ERA is so dominant, he's just that good."

Sox should watch, wait for their ace
Lenny Megliola, MetroWest Daily News

So, is this what we can look forward to in 2004, 42-year-old Roger Clemens and 32-year-old Pedro Martinez winning 15 games apiece for the Yankees? Well, maybe. If the Red Sox don't pick up his option for the 2004 season real soon and no later than spring training, Pedro says he's going to test the market. The sticking point is $17.5 million ...


September 22, 2002

Martinez can't wait to deal
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

Bearing down on his 20th victory and a shot at his fourth Cy Young Award, Pedro Martinez last night issued a powerful ultimatum, saying the Red Sox could lose him if they fail to sign him soon to a multiyear contract extension. ... The 2004 season ''will be my last year if they don't pick up the option soon and negotiate with me,'' he said. ''I'm sorry about that, but I'm going to have to hear what the other teams have to offer and that could be very risky. ..."


September 16, 2002

Ian Browne,

Grady Little looked perplexed when told of an Internet report that quoted former Sox manager Joe Kerrigan suggesting that Pedro Martinez convert from starter to closer. "Say what?" Little said. Asked if it made any sense to switch his three-time Cy Young award winner to short relief, Little said, "Not to me. I think he's doing all right. He's feeling good."

Little was asked if he would consider shutting down Martinez and co-ace Derek Lowe when or if the Red Sox are mathematically eliminated. "I don't know about shutting down totally, but cutting back the workload will be a serious consideration," said Little, who has handled both pitchers with care all season. "If we are mathematically eliminated, there are some personal goals these guys are striving to get to that are maybe taken into consideration."

Significant starts
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

Little said he will have an eye on helping Martinez join Lowe as a 20-game winner. ''That's a pretty good goal for a guy who's been through what he's been through this year,'' Little said. ''I'm pretty certain that's what he wants, too.'' What Little does not want is to follow former manager Joe Kerrigan's suggestion, reported by, that the Sox make Martinez a closer to extend his career. Asked if the idea sounded sensible, Little said, ''Not to me.'' Not to Martinez either. ''I'm at the top of my game,'' Martinez said. ''I'm having a great season and I'm healthy. My career is as a starter. I'm not going to go to the bullpen and start over a new career. If I can't start anymore, I'll probably shut it down and go home.''

Plenty to play for: Shot at 4th Cy, 20 wins keeps Pedro focused
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

Martinez will make what could be his final Fenway Park start of the season today. A 20-win season is within reach. So, too, is a fourth Cy Young Award. "Everybody wants to reach that (20-win) milestone. I've already done it, so to me it's not that big a deal,'' Martinez (18-4) said yesterday ... "But if I win the Cy Young this year, it would probably be as meaningful as any of them, even the first, with all the things I've overcome.''

Nomar and Boston a corrosive mix
John Tomase, Eagle Tribune

It is time for the Red Sox to find a new leader. Or more accurately, a leader. Nomar Garciaparra should be that guy. He's the most talented player on the team. No one plays harder. He never cheats the paying customers. But some guys just aren't cut out to play in Boston. And the onion-skinned Garciaparra is one of them.

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