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News Archive for March 14-26, 2001
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Monday, March 26, 2001

Into the great wide open
Peter Gammons,

It is the last week of March and one thing is perfectly clear: there is no great team.

It's becoming more clear as to which Sox fit in
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Not ready for Show: Banged-up Sox need more time
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

Williams stays positive, despite the negatives
Bill Parrillo, Providence Journal

Crawford named to fifth spot in starting rotation
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Cincinnati blanks Boston, 3-0 -- Paxton Crawford named fifth starter
Mike Petraglia,

Crawford Makes Red Sox Rotation
Paul Doyle, Hartford Courant

Crawford's dream comes true: Rookie gets fifth spot in rotation
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

Also: Ramirez's left hamstring and Daubach's right toe.

Daubach out with toe injury
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Daubach can't toe line for Red Sox
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

Like a rock [Varitek]
Garry Brown, Springfield Union-News

Red Sox notebook, March 25
Mike Petraglia,

Rookie [Hillenbrand] hoping to stick

AL East notebook: Injuries abound
The AL East is a star-studded division, but many of those stars are hurt

Paul C. Smith,

The rotation is rearmed and dangerous -- but to opponents or themselves?
Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated

Boston Red Sox
Stan McNeal, The Sporting News

Red Sox 2001 home/road schedule


Sunday, March 25, 2001

Nomar's likely a no-go
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Still sore -- Nomar has some pain after taking some cuts in BP, AP

Wrist exam in plan -- Opener 'doubtful' for Garciaparra
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Nomar doubtful for Sox opener
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Nomar No Go
Paul Doyle, Hartford Courant

As it turned out, the truth may be a lot more frightening than the speculation.

Nomar takes BP
Mike Petraglia,

Sox GM says Nomar "probably doubtful" for season opener
Mike Petraglia,

Garciaparra doubtful for Opening Day, AP

Nomar Garciaparra will fly to Virginia on Monday to see a hand specialist. "Right now, we want to give it more time to heal on its own," Dan Duquette said. "I don't even want to talk about it," Pedro Martinez said.

Sox beat Twins 4-1 -- Saberhagen has successful debut
Mike Petraglia,

Sox hurler jumps over first hurdle
Bill Parrillo, Providence Journal

Saberhagen: 91 On The Gun
Paul Doyle, Hartford Courant

Saberhagen looks sharp in short stint

Saberhagen's staying power ageless
Michael Holley, Boston Globe

Sox' No. 2? Bet on Bret: Sabes looks good in debut
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

Cone regains his optimism after a pain-free session
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Cone sticking with acupuncture
Gordon Edes and Michael Holley, Boston Globe

Cone slowly gets a good feeling (notebook)
Michael Silverman, Boston herald

Jimy, Sox live on edge
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

Red Sox Notebook, March 24
Mike Petraglia,

Cone, Ramirez, Jimy Williams's contract.

Duquette's track record suggests red-hot Hillenbrand won't get job
Paul Izzo, Springfield Union-News (March 20)

Garces the fashionable choice
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

"... a Red Sox jersey with ''El Guapo'' written on the back [is] the casual wear of the moment in the Sox clubhouse."

Red Sox are losing some selling points
Will McDonough, Boston Globe


Saturday, March 24, 2001

Martinez dominates in 5-3 Red Sox win
Mike Petraglia,

Pedro delivers blinding brilliance (Notebook)
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Every start from Pedro a moment to cherish
Bill Parrillo, Providence Journal

Martinez in winning form, losing interest (notebook)
Michael Holley, Boston Globe

At this time last year, Pedro Martinez said he was bored with spring training. Not much has changed. ''Still bored,'' he said yesterday at Ed Smith Stadium. ''I think it's a week and a half too long. I wish it was a little shorter.''

Wrist gets a test -- Garciaparra hits; doctors optimistic
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Team denies report that Nomar will have wrist surgery
Bill Parrillo, Providence Journal

Tossing and turning: Nomar, Sox need answers
Mike Silverman, Boston Herald

Art Martone's Notebook
First new column since February 16!!

Red Sox Prospects: Brad Baker
Mike Petraglia,

Beck sees the light
Michael Holley, Boston Globe

Red Sox Mailbag (March 22)
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Past Mailbags
June 12, 2000 to September 4, 2000, March 5-16, 2001

New wall at Cinergy Field to surpass Green Monster
The Sporting News, March 20, 2001


Friday, March 23, 2001

Sox come up short against Bucs, 3-2
Brita Meng,

Williams plays lineup games as Offerman goes to first
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Firsthand knowledge for Offerman
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Nixon taking plight in stride
Bill Parrillo, Providence Journal

Ramirez feels good enough to run around; hitting next
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Ohka's his own toughest critic
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

For openers, no Val: Comeback trail won't lead to April 2
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Valentin a long shot for Opening Day spot
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Val looks beyond Opening Day
Mike Petraglia,

Red Sox Notebook, March 22
Mike Petraglia,

Florie, Varitek, Cone, Ramirez, Arrojo.


Thursday, March 22, 2001

While 'The Wrist' is sore Sox fans will be in agony
Bill Parrillo, Providence Journal

"There's still some soreness," Garciaparra was saying yesterday. "I'm just taking it day to day. If I keep doing the exercises, if I can keep pushing it more and more, (the wrist) will tell me how how far I can go. It's a step-by-step process and right now I'm just rehabbing."

Garciaparra takes cast off
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Nomar throws during workouts
Mike Petraglia,

Injury bug stings: Manny, Nomar may miss season opener
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Four Sox homers pound Philly, 12-7
Mike Petraglia,

Arrojo's attitude, effort change in role reversal
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Trot vs. Troy: Sox should trade lightly
Michael Holley, Boston Globe

Cone heads in early after soreness (Notebook)
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Cone sees no improvement
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

[Ramirez, Castillo, Opening Week rotation]

Lou eschews chew
Karen Guregian, Boston Herald

Sabes sees a light -- Red Sox Notebook
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Saberhagen to get spring training start Saturday

Red Sox Notebook, March 21  [Nomo, Garces, Ohka, Cone, Veras]
Mike Petraglia,


Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Duke faces facts: Nomar surgery would mean long-term loss
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

Surgery, if necessary, could sideline Garciaparra until August.

Garciaparra still hopeful for opener
Mike Petraglia,

Crawford makes pitch: Solid effort may help secure role in rotation
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Crawford's the Sox' 5th starter -- for now
Bill Parrillo, Providence Journal

Red Sox prospects: Juan Diaz
Mike Petraglia,

Red Sox prospects: Tony Blanco
Mike Petraglia,

Harper: Stop harping [on Carl Everett]
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Knoblauch call does right by Manny
Michael Gee, Boston Herald

Notebook: Phenom makes his debut: De La Rosa impresses
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

A division of labors -- Burdens dog AL East
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe


Tuesday, March 20, 2001

An uncommon bond: Martinez, Everett forge unique friendship
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

"Carl came up to me and said something that I won't forget,'' Martinez said. "He said, 'Ramon's not here anymore but don't worry, I'm going to be your brother.'''

The "High Strike" and Run Scoring Fluctuations: A Brief Summary
Don Malcolm,

13 For His Last 24: Tomfoolery with Multiple Endpoints
Voros McCracken,

“He hit .292 in his last 14 games.”  -- Why not 15 games? 16? 30? Half a season? Two games?... 14 games was chosen for the specific purpose of making [his] hitting seem as good as possible.

Monday's Red Sox game cancelled
Brita Meng,

Nomar says he'll be ready
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Garciaparra saying only good things about wrist
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Garciaparra still optimistic he'll be in lineup for opener
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Weekend mound tests could be telling for Cone
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Cone shows signs of life
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Cone hasn't thrown in towel
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Sox earn Wake's wrath: Knuckler lets discontent rip
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Wakefield doesn't view his versatility as a virtue
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

180 degrees on rotation
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Acceptance comes, though reluctantly
Karen Guregian, Boston Herald

Tim Wakefield doesn't like reliever's role, but accepts it
Associated Press

Daubach is hoping for a season-long bash
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Up to their elbows -- Pichardo the latest Red Sox with injury
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Contacts help pitcher Florie -- he throws BP, will see specialist
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Boston Sports Guy


Monday, March 19, 2001

Enough already with the bruises
Karen Guregian, Boston Herald

There was a large glass vase holding a dozen long-stemmed red roses in front of Pedro Martinez' locker yesterday morning. They were sent along with a "Get Well'' card.

Pedro wearing wrist brace but will make next start
espn, cnnsi, espn, The Sporting News, mlb

Pedro Martinez said the area where he was hit is sore and swollen, but the injury to
his glove hand does not affect the right-hander's ability to pitch. The
brace is designed to immobilize the wrist and he expected to wear it only
for another day. He has also been icing the area.

Griffey gets hit off Pedro, asks for ball
The Sporting News

The 11-time All-Star and former American League MVP will take it blooped a
single behind second base in the first inning of Cincinnati's 11-1 loss to
Boston on Saturday. It was thought to be his first hit off Pedro Martinez.

Griffey tipped his hat to Martinez and asked for the ball. Martinez obliged
by rolling it into the Reds dugout.

Red Sox Notebook, March 18
Brita Meng,

How do Sox spell relief? -- A mound of problems puts Wakefield in pen
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Warming up in the bullpen: Wakefield yanked from rotation again
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Nomar gets new fitting
Red Sox Notebook

Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Nomar changes cast; Sox may change theirs too
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Sox rally beats Yankees, 8-7
Brita Meng,

For Daubach, beating Yanks always special
Bill Parrillo, Providence Journal

"It was important to me," Brian Daubach was saying after his grand-slam in the eighth inning yesterday helped the Sox beat the Yanks, 8-7. "To beat the Yankees anytime -- whether it's spring training . . . September . . . December -- means something."

Daubach's grand slam saves Sox from Yankee domination
Mark Pratt, Associated Press


Sunday, March 18, 2001

Hope springs eternal with Pedro
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

"I missed with a couple of pitches," said Martinez, not that anyone would have noticed. "My sinker isn't running yet. I'll keep working on it. But everything else was fine. My fastball was good, my changeup was good and my curve was there."

Pedro avoids KO by line drive
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

With casualties mounting just about as fast as in the opening scene of "Saving Private Ryan,'' the Red Sox nearly suffered a devastating blow yesterday when Pedro Martinez was struck by a line drive in the fifth inning of an 11-1 victory over the Cincinnati Reds at City of Palms Park.

Red Sox belt out 16 hits in win
Pedro struck in hand with liner, not serious
Mark Pratt, Associated Press

"Hopefully, there's not anything broken in there, and if it is I can continue to play because it's not the throwing hand, it's the fielding hand, and I don't feel that bad," he said.

X-rays negative on Martinez's left hand
Associated Press

Pedro Martinez was hit at the base of the thumb on his glove hand by a line drive in the fifth inning of Saturday's game against the Cincinnati Reds.

"I'm not injured," Martinez said. "The glove is the right hand to be hit. Nothing really scary." The three-time Cy Young Award winner had X-rays of his left hand, but they were negative, the Red Sox said.

Sox thump Reds, 11-1
Mike Petraglia,

There was plenty of run support for Pedro Martinez Saturday against the Cincinnati Reds.

Garciaparra sheds cast, but answers still days away
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

A couple of days ahead of schedule, Nomar Garciaparra had the cast on his right wrist removed yesterday. Following additional tests, to be done in a matter of days, the Red Sox will learn whether the treatment of rest and anti-inflammatory medication has succeeded in making surgery unnecessary.

Red Sox on two-week plan
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

Already a month has passed since pitchers and catchers formally reported to camp, but the real questions about the Red Sox have not yet been answered.

Wakefield's second best
Karen Guregian, Boston Herald

Auditions for the No. 2 starter's job behind Pedro Martinez continue today with the leading candidate for the spot hurling against the New York Yankees. Here's a hint: Think about a pitch with no spin.

Sadler fits in Cincy
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

What the Sox need is someone with above-average defensive abilities, a powerful arm and the ability to play other positions and fill other voids. In short, they could use someone just like Donnie Sadler.

Transaction Analysis, March 12-15, 2001
Chris Kahrl, Baseball Prospectus

Cubs, A's look like winners in crystal ball
Jim Callis, Baseball America

If it's spring training, it must be time for all of us so-called experts to weigh in with our predictions for the pennant races. ...[W]e're going to reveal how the 2004 season will shake out.

Baseball is Ruining my Marriage
Gary Santerre,

At about 10:30 PM, I got an e-mail from Jim which said Manny Ramirez had agreed to sign with the Red Sox. MY RED SOX!!  I quickly checked the online sports bible,, and was saddened when I couldn't find confirmation. Because nothing in sports is true until it is on SportsCenter ...

What is Sabermetrics?
James Fraser,

Sabermetrics, ideally, starts with no argument, but rather with a point of discussion that can lead to any conclusion.

A Defensive Stats Primer
Chris Dial,

Gold Gloves, Fielding Percentage, Range factor, Zone Rating ...

The Angry Negro Problem
Don Malcolm,

We are talking about non-whites who are making piles of dough.


Saturday, March 17, 2001

Boo birds' song out of tune
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe 

There is a player in Red Sox camp who has gone about his business like a throwback to a different era, when a player's value was measured by his commitment to the game, not the size of his contract.

Ohka starts to move
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

No offense, Pawtucket. Tomo Ohka would rather lock away the memories and keep Rhode Island in his rearview mirror. Ohka has changed his uniform number from 53 to 18 to mark his birth date (March 18, 1976) and street address in Japan. But it's no secret 18 has traditionally been worn by the aces of Japanese pitching staffs.

Ramirez breaks silence
Karen Guregian, Boston Herald

Yesterday, Ramirez finally answered questions, specifically about his hamstring injury, the booing he's received from Sox fans in Florida, and his desire to play right field instead of left.

Sox win third in a row, 8-6, over Pirates
Mike Petraglia,

Tomo Ohka, making his first start of the spring, went four innings to post his first win. Ohka yielded four hits and two earned runs while striking out five and walking none. The right-hander threw 60 pitches, 43 for strikes.

Ohka starts his new role
Mike Petraglia,

"There are many nice people in Pawtucket, but I would rather not see them this season. I would like to stay in Boston."

Ohka makes decision look good
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Tomo Ohka reinforced manager Jimy Williams' decision to remove Rolando Arrojo from the Red Sox' starting rotation by pitching four strong innings yesterday.

Hillenbrand sets a torrid pace
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

The amazing spring of Shea Hillenbrand continued unabated yesterday. For the spring, he's 11-for-16 (.688). In that span, he's played three different positions -- catcher, third base and left field.

So-so Sox left out: Pitching staff takes a right
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Jimy Williams has insisted from Day 1 this spring that the Red Sox intend to bring the best 11 pitchers north for Opening Day, even if it means having a staff leaning more to the right than the Bush family tree.

Red Sox Notebook, March 16
Mike Petraglia,

Red Sox manager Jimy Williams doesn't want Dante Bichette to feel left out. The Boston skipper Friday gave the veteran his first start of the spring in left field for the contest against the Pirates.

Garciaparra could be out for eight weeks
Michael Silverman, The Sporting News

Surgery that could mean an eight-week absence for shortstop Nomar Garciaparra remained one plausible scenario ...

From the Clubhouse

Legendary in Cleveland for keeping $10,000 in legal tender stashed in his glove compartment, Ramirez should have no problem joining the Red Sox' airplane poker games. Sounds like they don't take Visa.

"There are guys with literally bags of 100s -- they go to the bank and take it out," says one pitcher, basically incredulous. "Let's just say they don't play with twenties."

This pitcher, who doesn't play, estimates that some players in Boston's A game -- there's a B game for the less intestinally fortified -- board the plane with between 10 and 20 grand. (For those who are curious, yes, it's illegal to leave the country with more than $10,000 in cash undeclared.) Poker, hearts, spades, it's basically dealer's choice.

"This team plays in cash," the player says, "but I've seen bigger pots with paper. When I was with another team, a rookie if he'd lost this particular hand would have been out $78,000. It was like a year's pay for those guys. So we had to set a limit."

Ask Edes
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Reitsma gets chance to show his stuff
Chris Haft, Cincinnati Enquirer

Reitsma making strong bid
Tony Jackson, Cincinnati Post

Reds right-hander Chris Reitsma, who never has pitched above the Class AA level, may be playing leapfrog in the next couple of weeks.


Friday, March 16, 2001

Words speak volumes in Williams's recovery -- Slugger talks for first time since operation
Larry Tye, Boston Globe

It was just three small syllables - ''How is he?'' - but they said more than any scientific assessment from his doctors about how Ted Williams is faring in the wake of his open-heart surgery in January. Those words were the first the Sox slugger has spoken in two months ... [Also from the AP: "Ted Williams speaks for first time"]

Frank Castillo leaves game after being hit on hand by line drive
Providence Journal/AP

"I put both my glove and my hand out there and it nicked the glove and hit my hand, but it feels good," said Castillo. "It shouldn't be a problem."

Duquette lauds Mexican League ace
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Casting their net internationally once more in search of premium pitching prospects, the Red Sox yesterday signed reliever Jorge De La Rosa to a contract. De La Rosa, 19, was the property of the Arizona Diamondbacks until recently when the team failed to renew its contract with Monterrey of the Mexican League. [Also news on Castillo and Cone]

Sox: A case of signing the steal
Gordon Edes, Boston 

Jorge de la Rosa, who Duquette says throws a 95-mile-per-hour fastball, is in the Sox minor league camp after his purchase from the Monterrey Sultans, the team with which he pitched last summer. "He's a pitcher who could come very quickly to the major leagues,'' Duquette said, ''and have a real positive impact on the ball club when he arrives.''

Red Sox sign Mexican League pitching star
Mike Petraglia,

The Boston Red Sox have made a significant addition to the organization's pitching depth with the acquisition of 19-year-old left-hander Jorge De La Rosa, a hard-throwing southpaw from the Monterrey Sultans of the Mexican League.

Daubach stays a step ahead of the competition
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

For the first few weeks of camp, first base in the Red Sox' infield resembled a busy intersection, with congestion everywhere at the position.

Manny keeps mum
Karen Guregian, Boston Herald

Manny Ramirez was laughing and joking with teammates in the Red Sox clubhouse yesterday morning. He also walked around without any signs of a limp. [Also news on Castillo and Cone]

Cone will do anything to lick this problem
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

Like an aging, wounded gunslinger facing his last stand, David Cone wants to spare no effort to go out firing. "I'm willing to try anything. This isn't a case where I need to have surgery and try to come back in July. I need to do this now.''

Trot goes on defense
Karen Guregian, Boston Herald

Nixon saw how Ramirez was being chided, and yesterday, it bothered him enough that he decided to defend the man who has taken over his position in right field. "It's great I still got some fans out there,'' Nixon said, "but, in the same sense, Manny hurt himself on that ball out there. I didn't see the play, but Manny's not a slacker.''

Nixon steps up and goes to bat for Ramirez
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

''Someone who has signed a big contract, he's going to be criticized about everything,'' said Nixon, who will earn $390,000 this year while Ramirez pulls down $20 million. ''Alex Rodriguez will be, Derek Jeter will be, and Manny will be. But these guys know that stuff. That's just the way it goes.''

Red Sox Notebook, March 15
Mike Petraglia,

News on Saberhagen, Hillenbrand, O'Leary, pitching assignments through the weekend and injuries and ailments.

Statistical Cross Checked
Jim Furtado has crunched the numbers. Now find out who is the best at each position in the AL and NL.

Ramirez gets a sneak preview
Gerry Callahan, Boston Herald

Good for the blue hairs. ... They demand a good effort for their money, and at City of Palms Wednesday afternoon, they didn't get it from the new guy in right field.

Hoops hysteria alive in Sox camp
Mike Petraglia,

Across the nation, college basketball fans have filled out their brackets and picked their favorites for the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Red Sox players are no different.

Nomar Garciaparra and Jason Varitek are obviously rooting for the Ramblin' Wreck of Georgia Tech.

Lou Merloni plans to follow his Providence College Friars.

North Carolina native Trot Nixon, who turned down a football scholarship at North Carolina State to play baseball with the Sox, has his own favorite: "I was born in Duke University Hospital. I've been a Blue Devil fan for a long time."

Brian Daubach, a native of Belleville, Illinois: "My team is Illinois."

Brian Daubach's Final Four: Illinois (winner), Duke, Maryland, and Florida

Trot Nixon's Final Four: Duke (winner), Illinois, Michigan State, Stanford

Derek Lowe's Final Four: Duke (winner), Illinois, Michigan State, Stanford


Thursday, March 15, 2001
[Ramirez, Saberhagen, Hillenbrand, Everett, Arrojo, Ohka]

Manny Ramirez suffers mild hamstring strain
Mike Petraglia,

Ramirez pulled up short on a line drive double down the right field line by Matt Lawton. He could only walk over and retrieve the ball. The right fielder came out after the next batter ... Ramirez made his way slowly to the Red Sox clubhouse during the top of the third inning.

Ramirez joins walking wounded
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

The injury bug continued to take a big bite out of the Red Sox yesterday, with outfielder Manny Ramirez -- following in the footsteps of David Cone Tuesday -- forced to leave the game. [Also news on Hillenbrand and Saberhagen]

Spring breaking point -- Ramirez pulls up and joins wounded
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

It has come to this within the walls of Fort Misery: The Red Sox, who arrived for spring training last month rich with promise, yesterday were so riddled with injuries that the thick Florida air had taken on a scent of doom.

Sox win, but injuries loom
Mark Pratt, Associated Press

Ramirez came out of the game after talking to center fielder Carl Everett. "He asked my opinion and I said, 'Take it in,"' Everett said. "To avoid any seriousness I told him to leave the field. There's no sense staying out there with a tweak."

Getting' ugly: Manny the latest to feel Sox' fans wrath
Karen Guregian, Boston Herald

The days just keep getting more bizarre and more depressing here in Camp Calamity. Yesterday's big news had Manny Ramirez leaving the game with what was described as a "very mild left hamstring strain.'' The bigger news? None of the fans at City of Palms Park seemed to care.

Everett speaks up: Rips fans for booing Manny
Jeff Horrigan and Karen Guregian, Boston Herald

Carl Everett jumped to the defense of Manny Ramirez yesterday, calling those fans who booed his new teammate as he left a game against the Minnesota Twins with a minor left hamstring strain "ignorant.''

Ramirez Makes An Early Departure
David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

"Ignorant," Carl Everett said of the fans. "Ignorant. They don't know. The first thing they saw was the money."

Arrojo penned in for the pen
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Arrojo has been a major flop this spring, reflected in his statistics and his refusal to follow pitching coach Joe Kerrigan's program. The Red Sox have been shopping him for the past week to determine interest from other teams, with little success.

Arrojo out; Wake, Ohka in: Rotation takes different spin
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Ten days ago, it appeared that an injustice was going to take place when Tim Wakefield revealed that he had been told that the Red Sox' Opening Day starting rotation had been set and that he and Tomo Ohka wouldn't be in it.

Arrojo loses his spot -- Ineffectiveness lands him in pen
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

Tomo Ohka will start in Arrojo's place tomorrow against the Pirates in Bradenton.

Saberhagen has a setback
Mike Petraglia,

By his own admission, Bret Saberhagen did not have the outing he was looking for Wednesday.

Saberhagen discouraged after latest effort
Mark Pratt, Associated Press

Cone given anti-inflammatories for sore right shoulder
Associated Press

Twins notebook: Aggressive swings end Hunter's slump
La Velle E. Neal III, Star Tribune

The Red Sox are a sure thing -- sure to detonate
Ken Rosenthal, The Sporting News/

The team most likely to blow up? The Dodgers remain an obvious choice. But don't rule out the Red Sox. In one form or another, the Red Sox have blown up every season since 1918, and they were in full crisis mode this year even before the Ides of March.
Beware: This is an utterly asinine report that displays a shocking, yet perversely awe-inspiring, disregard of the facts.

Red Sox Notebook, March 13
Mike Petraglia

The Red Sox concluded split-squad play Tuesday with games against the Minnesota Twins and the Texas Rangers.

Eight players in mini-camp were added to the team's roster to cover the day-night doubleheader between Fort Myers and Port Charlotte: outfielders Mark Fischer and Carlos Rodriguez, infielders Nate Tebbs, Angel Santos, Aaron Capista, and pitchers Rick Heiserman, Terrence Hill and Bryan Leach. Santos and Heiserman.

Donald Fehr @


Wednesday, March 14, 2001
[Cone, Everett, Garciaparra, Nixon, Jimy, Duquette]

Sports Medicine -- When doctors get hamstrung
Larry Tye, Boston Globe

Don't bet on Nomar Garciaparra playing on Opening Day. And don't envy whatever Red Sox doctor has to be the bearer of that bad news.

Team shops for shortstop
By Garry Brown,

Chris Gomez? Pat Meares? Juan Castro?

Cone's injury adds to woes
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

The bad news seems to come at them in waves, ebbing only temporarily.

Shoulder pain derails Cone
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

David Cone seemed so sure that he had turned the corner last Thursday, when he rebounded from a dreadful spring debut to throw three strong innings against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

A walk-off setback -- Cone shuts it down with sore shoulder
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

As a stunned crowd bore witness, David Cone yesterday lost a key battle in his war to prolong his waning career and win another shot at postseason glory.

One less shoulder to lean on?
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

David Cone was never the trump card in Red Sox plans to overtake the Yankees this season, but he was definitely a wild card.

Cone leaves after one inning
Mike Petraglia,

David Cone left Tuesday's exhibition game against Minnesota after developing soreness in his right shoulder. Cone took himself out prior to warming up for his second inning of work, and his status will be re-assessed tomorrow. "I started feeling it at the end of the first and then again after the first two warmup pitches before the second."

Red Sox: Cone's shoulder hurting
Garry Brown,

Another jolt of bad news hit the Boston Red Sox yesterday when veteran pitcher David Cone came down with shoulder soreness.

Ramirez belts first homer with Red Sox -- But Cone leaves after the first with a sore shoulder
Mark Pratt, Associated Press

Soreness in David Cone's right shoulder overshadowed Manny Ramirez's first home run since joining the Boston Red Sox.

Everett not worried about spring
Mike Petraglia,

Red Sox centerfielder Carl Everett cautions Red Sox fans everywhere not to read too much into the team's record mid-way through the Grapefruit League season.

Everett covers all the bases
Karen Guregian, Boston Herald

Carl Everett is like that famous line in "Forrest Gump'' about the box of chocolates: You never know what you're going to get.

Sox spring a leak: Early signs continue to point wrong way
Karen Guregian, Boston Herald

Overreaction is a trademark - and well-earned privilege - of every Red Sox fan. If something goes wrong, even during meaningless spring training games, we tend to forecast disaster. That's just how it is.

Sox deny Duke deal: Team mum on contract extension
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

There's little doubt that Red Sox general manager Dan Duquette will be signed to a contract extension at some point this spring, but the club denied a published report that a deal was already completed.

Duquette reportedly gets 3-year contract extension
Providence Journal

If general manager Dan Duquette is the recipient of a new three-year contract extension, he wasn't confirming it yesterday.

... Major-League Baseball rules stipulate that teams field a representative team with at least five regulars in the lineup, but, caught short-handed, the Sox pieced together a patchwork lineup last night. Williams called Texas manager Johnny Oates ahead of time to apologize.

Everett advises team on promptness
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

Carl Everett cautioned the Red Sox brass yesterday that they delay lucrative contract extensions for Pedro Martinez and Nomar Garciaparra at their own peril. ''They should do it now,'' Everett said.

It's All About Attitude
David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

Most would agree Trot Nixon has the tools to be an everyday player. He certainly has the heart, which manager Jimy Williams often refers to as the sixth tool.

Win streak hits seven
Mark Sheldon,

Starting shortstop Denny Hocking and Maxwell combined to go 7-for-7 from the leadoff spot for the Twins. Hocking had four hits, including a double. Maxwell had three hits.

Young Twins pitchers make for an interesting job battle
La Velle E. Neal III, Minnesota Star Tribune

Tuesday's game against Boston was another opportunity for the younger Twins pitchers to show their ability.

Fewer AL East foes a plus for Rangers
Evan Grant, Dallas Morning News

The American League moves to an unbalanced schedule this season, which puts more importance on how teams fare in their own divisions. Plus: a short game report.

Rangers cruise past Red Sox, 7-3
Rob Scichili,

The Texas Rangers used long balls in the first two innings to take an early lead in cruising to a 7-3 win over Boston. The win was the fourth in a row for the Rangers. ... And finally: Vanna White.

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