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February 15, 2002

On time and fit, Martinez appears right on target
Steven Krasner, Providence Journal

Pitchers and catchers are supposed to report today, with the first workout for the Red Sox scheduled for tomorrow. But Pedro Martinez already has been here for a couple days, uncharacteristically reporting early and canceling the 2002 version of the "Where's Pedro?" game.

Martinez, who has reported a few days late in each of the last few years, worked on an intensive training regimen during the winter in an effort to combat the shoulder woes that forced him to miss the better part of the final three months of last season. "I came early because I told the Red Sox I would come early and get checked out," said Martinez, 30, sporting a noticeably bigger, stronger upper body.

Beefing Up The Rotation -- Off-Season Work Shows Early
David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

Derek Lowe walked up to Pedro Martinez and squeezed the most valuable right arm in baseball. "You see that?" Lowe said. "We did the same workout program." Martinez and Lowe spent the winter pumping iron, albeit for different reasons. There is a noticeable difference. For the first time since 1998, Lowe is expected to be part of the starting rotation. So he had to build stamina.

Muscular Pedro reports to camp early
Howard Ulman, Associated Press

Pedro Martinez was a strange sight in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse Thursday -- more muscular and, for a change, an early arrival at spring training. Then he took the field and looked like the same old Pedro. He threw smoothly and showed no sign of the worst injury of his brilliant career. ...

Martinez is only 5-foot-11 but he reported at about 190 pounds, 12 pounds heavier. "When I saw my arms getting so big I was like, "Wow, it looks good,' " he said with a smile. "But I don't know, is it going to be heavier to bring it up to throw the curveball?" Martinez also gained weight before last year's spring training but lost much of it. He didn't feel comfortable at any time last season.

Kerrigan plans a different pitch
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

As he officially opens his first spring training camp as Red Sox manager today, Joe Kerrigan said that he plans to somewhat distance himself from his background as a pitching coach. "I'm going to make sure I spend the majority of my time around the position players. We have a pitching coach and he's going to handle that program the way Jimy and Felipe (Alou) let me handle it. I'll still watch the pitchers, but now I'll probably be watching them throw 10 pitches and then I'll walk away.'' ...

Kerrigan expects Rickey Henderson to see plenty of action as a backup outfielder, designated hitter, pinch hitter and pinch runner if he makes the final roster. ... Pedro Martinez had another encouraging throwing session in the outfield yesterday, but he's not expected to throw off a mound until tomorrow.

It's his team: Like it or not, Sox have Duke's stamp
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

No matter what happens from here, Dan Duquette built this team. He refined it. His fingerprints are there as proof. It belongs on his resume. "Absolutely. The ballclub this year was put together to compete with the Yankees. This ballclub I like better than any I've had in Boston because of the pitching depth and where (the pitchers) are in their careers, and I like the makeup of the team. I like the leadership."

A's near extension for Beane
John Shea, San Francisco Chronicle

Billy Beane is sticking around, after all. The A's are close to finalizing a contract extension for the 39-year-old general manager, linking him to Oakland through the 2008 season. No announcement has been made, but The Chronicle learned the extension is for three years beyond his current contract, which expires in 2005. ... 

When Beane's assistant, Paul DePodesta, withdrew his name as a candidate for the GM job in Toronto -- which he was expected to land -- rumors circulated that he'd take over for Beane, who was mentioned in rumors involving the Red Sox. They reportedly were interested in buying out his contract.

Aim for the Head: Set Lineups
Keith Woolner,

[O]ther than a very slight positive tendency between using a set lineup and winning (in which the causal arrow is most likely: winning leading to set lineups), there isn't a very interesting relationship between lineups and winning. Perhaps the most interesting fact that has come out of this analysis is how much of an anomaly the 1984 Red Sox were.

Baseball squabbling repeats itself 24 years later
Tom Tippett,

When I was in college, I enjoyed spending some of my free time in the library, going through old issues of Time magazine from the 1920s and 1930s. My interest then was in seeing how the writers of the day talked about world events before anyone knew that the Great Depression and World War II were about to unfold. After college, I didn't have many opportunities to pursue this hobby, but that changed last summer when we began researching the 1978 to 1981 period ... 

Still 30 teams: Contraction timeline
David Schoenfield,

From October 24, 2001 to February 5, 2002.


February 14, 2002

Pedro has Wednesday workout
Mike Petraglia,

In what is a very encouraging sign for the Boston Red Sox and their fans, ace Pedro Martinez worked out at the team's minor league complex in Fort Myers, Fla., three days before the first scheduled workout for pitchers and catchers. ... "I am healthy now," Martinez said after finishing his workout. "I feel the best I've felt in four or five years. I hope this year is even better than the previous years in Boston."

Ace back for a big season -- Martinez looks to shoulder load after beefing up
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

He's bigger, stronger, and after a vigorous 10-minute game of catch here yesterday morning, says he feels better than he has in the last five years. ... he has packed on close to a dozen pounds on his 5-foot-11-inch frame, his weight now at 191 pounds.

Martinez insisted there also are no lingering problems with Kerrigan, with whom he spoke upon his arrival at the team's training facility. ''I don't have any problems with Joe,'' he said. ''I don't have anything. Nobody has ever told you that I have a problem with Joe. I don't have any problems with anybody.

Stronger Pedro feels better
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

"This is probably the best I've felt in four or five years. My arm angle is a lot better this time around. I know when I'm lower, it means that I'm not all that strong. This time I feel I can get my arm in any angle I want and my fastball can just jump out of my hand without any effort.'' ...

Martinez showed up early at the minor league complex yesterday morning, quickly dressed and began his workout. After a half-hour or so of stretching and light weights, he joined physical therapist Chris Correnti in the outfield and immediately showed that his shoulder is sound. Martinez, who began his throwing program a month-and-a-half ago, played long-toss for five minutes and then unleashed 15-20 fastballs on flat ground, beaming as each audibly popped Correnti's glove.

Martinez said that Duquette, who constantly contradicted the timetable of the pitcher's return on his radio show, apologized to him in September. "He apologized and he said he knew what he said was wrong. "We got everything straightened out and we're fine.''

Pedro faces doubt: Red Sox ace claims not to be concerned
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

His four years in Boston have produced 1,011 strikeouts and 67 victories, two Cy Young awards and a trip to the American League Championship Series. Pedro Martinez now has only two years remaining on what was once a landmark six-year, $75 million contract and he finds himself in the most unforeseen of circumstances. He has something to prove. On and off the field.

Martinez: 'I am healthy now'
Providence Journal Wire Reports

"It is important that I get in here because I was hurt. I'm coming back, and if anything is going to happen it's better that we find out early. I pray to God that I don't show any [problems]. But if we're going to take care of it, it's going to be early."

He hopes his offseason regimen will take care of any problems. "I was on a training program, including swimming, push-ups, [pull-up] bars, lifting, dumbbells. It was about five to seven hours a day of work," he said. But he admits he won't know until he actually begins to pitch. "So far, I'm just starting to [pitch]. I have been on the mound, but not to throw [hard] or gas it up. I don't even know how I'm going to react with a batter," he said.

Red Sox ace feels 'great' -- Pedro Martinez ready to start anew after problems during 2001 season
Glenn Miller, Ft. Myers News-Press

At 9:43 a.m. Wednesday, Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez stepped out of the passenger side of a Toyota Sequoia in the parking lot of the Boston Red Sox minor-league complex. Martinez shouted a cheerful greeting to a Boston radio reporter and disappeared into the Red Sox locker room. About 30 minutes later, he walked out, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, ready for his first unofficial spring training workout. ...

He threw for several minutes on the outfield grass of a practice field. Martinez didnít look like a man whose 2001 season was cut short by shoulder problems. He fired baseballs to trainer Chris Correnti with a loose and supple motion, looking healthy and fit, ready to go.

Pedro: Varitek's the key
Jeff Horrigan and Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

As far as Pedro Martinez is concerned, far too much of the focus for the Red Sox' collapse last season was directed toward injuries suffered by the team's ace and shortstop Nomar Garciaparra. "If you're looking for the key injury that hurt us, it's (Jason) Varitek. The pitching staff wasn't the same. It took the heart out of the team and left one vein sucking blood, which was Manny (Ramirez).''

At 43, Rickey Joins Red Sox -- Gets Minor League Deal; Pedro Arrives
David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

The Red Sox added some flash and dash Wednesday by signing Rickey Henderson to a minor league contract and inviting him to spring training. The Red Sox would be Henderson's eighth team in 24 major league seasons, his sixth team since 1997. Assuming he makes the team, Henderson, 43, will likely be used as a part-time DH and backup to Manny Ramirez in left field. He will also see plenty of time as a pinch runner.

Steals king Henderson signs with Sox
Ben Walker, Associated Press

Rickey Henderson and the Boston Red Sox reached agreement on a minor league contract yesterday, giving baseball's career leader in runs, stolen bases and walks a chance to play his 24th season in the majors.

MLB official testifies that 18 were on initial list
Associated Press

The Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Devils Rays were among the original candidates for elimination this year, baseball's top lawyer told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Bob DuPuy, chief legal officer of Major League Baseball, said as many as 18 teams were at first on the list considered for folding. The Minnesota Twins and Montreal Expos later were picked as the two target teams.

A new life for Fenway
Boston Globe Editors [doing an about-face] on February 11

John Harrington, the soon-to-be former chief executive of the Boston Red Sox, and his engineers and architects dismissed proposals for preservation efforts at Fenway Park. The new owners, led by Florida financier John Henry, talk a patient, preservationist language that deserves a hearing by Red Sox fans and policy makers.


February 13, 2002

Pedro on schedule: Ace may join workout today
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Locating Pedro Martinez at this time every February has traditionally been as suspenseful as children tracking Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve, but the Red Sox ace pitcher has apparently landed. Joe Kerrigan said yesterday following a workout at City Of Palms Park that Martinez was en route to Fort Myers and may take part in workouts today. The Sox manager planned to meet the three-time Cy Young Award winner at his rented home shortly after his arrival to get a firsthand report on the state of his priceless right shoulder.

Charting the pitcher
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Manager Joe Kerrigan said he intended to meet here yesterday afternoon with Pedro Martinez and anticipated that Martinez would show up at this morning's voluntary workouts before Saturday's first official workout. Kerrigan said he wanted to speak with Martinez first before saying whether the Sox ace would do any throwing today. Kerrigan's meeting may not have come off as scheduled; a source in the Dominican Republic said the pitcher did not leave Santo Domingo until 2:30 p.m. local time; Kerrigan had expected to meet Martinez at 2:45 yesterday. The Sox intend to proceed carefully this spring with Martinez, though reports on his condition are highly encouraging.


February 12, 2002

Baseball historians flocked to Davids' view of game news services

Leonard Robert "Bob" Davids, who helped shape new ways baseball fans could look at the game when he founded the Society for American Baseball Research, died Sunday in Washington, D.C. Davids died in his sleep. He was 75.  [SABR obit]

Checking camp for early signs
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Pedro Martinez, advertised by Kerrigan as someone who pledged to come in early, is not here, though Kerrigan said there is a chance the ace would be here today. ... Farm director Dave Jauss saw Martinez last month in the Dominican and said ''it was the best he has ever seen him look,'' Kerrigan said yesterday. ''He was throwing free and easy.'' ... Kerrigan said the Sox intend to proceed carefully with Martinez and probably limit him to a 100-pitch count at the start of the season. But he insisted the improved strength of Martinez's upper body will be visible when he arrives. ...

Pedro arrival delayed until today
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Pedro Martinez' arrival at spring camp may not develop into a suspenseful melodrama this year, but the Red Sox ace has already delayed his arrival by a couple of days. Martinez passed along word to Joe Kerrigan in January that he would show up on Feb. 10, but that date was pushed back over the weekend for unexplained reasons. The three-time Cy Young Award winner is now expected to arrive today and begin workouts tomorrow. ...

Martinez has thrown off the mound at the Los Angeles Dodgers' Dominican complex three or four times and has experienced no pain or discomfort, according to Kerrigan. "The reports on Pedro are outstanding,'' Kerrigan said. "Dave Jauss saw him down in the Dominican and said it's the best he's ever seen him look. He's really built up his upper body.''

Red Sox awaiting Martinez
Garry Brown, Springfield Union-News

Indications were that Pedro would arrive Sunday at the Boston club's training quarters in Fort Myers, Fla. However, he still had not arrived as of yesterday. Pitchers and catchers are due to report by Friday. Manager Joe Kerrigan wants Martinez to be in camp early, as a safeguard against a repeat of what happened last spring, when his late arrival put him behind schedule. Kerrigan believes that had something to do with Martinez's physical breakdown during the season.

Red Sox at a glance
Mike Petraglia,


2. Can Pedro Martinez stay healthy for an entire season and lead the Red Sox pitching staff?

Martinez's sore right rotator cuff limited him to just 18 starts for Boston in 2001 and seven wins, his lowest win total since 1992, when he made just one start for Los Angeles. The 1999 and 2000 American League Cy Young Award winner has vowed to arrive at 2002 Spring Training stronger thanks to an extensive offseason rehabilitation program. The right-hander has also promised to arrive at Spring Training early, something he hasn't done in the past several seasons. Martinez has spent time on the disabled list in each of the last three seasons. ...


RHP Pedro Martinez -- Nagging soreness in his right rotator cuff limited the Red Sox ace to just 18 starts in 2001. Martinez missed two months worth of starts (June 26-Aug. 26) in order to rest the shoulder, but was able to make just three more starts the rest of the season. The three-time Cy Young Award winner made his final start on Sept. 7 at Yankee Stadium. The right-hander left the ballclub on Sept. 26 before the season ended to begin his offseason rehab.


For the Red Sox to make a run at the American League East title in 2002, Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra and Jason Varitek must come back healthy. In 2001, Boston's starting rotation ranked third in the AL in ERA, but next to last in innings pitched. The addition of John Burkett and Dustin Hermanson should help take some of the pressure off the Red Sox bullpen. Bringing in positive clubhouse presences such as Tony Clark and Johnny Damon, while getting rid of disruptive influences like Carl Everett, should help the Red Sox put last year's tumultuous and disappointing season behind them.

Team waiting to see Henderson's move
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Jeff Borris, the agent for free agent Rickey Henderson, said last night he was awaiting word from the 43-year-old outfielder on whether he will accept an offer for a spring training invitation from the Red Sox. Henderson, who was paid $300,000 by the San Diego Padres last season, has been offered $330,000 by the Sox but apparently is under the impression that the team originally was willing to offer him $20,000 more.

Spring Training trek under way
Mike Petraglia,

The big rig is expected at the Red Sox minor league complex Thursday morning after an 1,800-mile journey. "I should be able to make it to Maryland by the end of [Monday] and be ready to unload sometime Thursday," said driver Al Hartz, a native of Milford, Mass. and lifelong Red Sox fan. "I really enjoy this job. I've got my shorts packed for the warm sunshine. I'm good to go. And when I get ready to head back north, I'll get down there a few days early and take a few games in."


February 11, 2002

Pedro is ready to pitch, trainer tells Red Sox
Providence Journal Wire

With spring training about to begin, the Boston Red Sox received some good news over the weekend: Pedro Martinez is healthy again. ... Martinez said in September the injury was a minor tear of the rotator cuff, but the Red Sox reported it to be an inflammation and a cuff strain, and that Martinez had misunderstood the term "thinning" of the cuff to mean "tear."

Baseball ready to spring into action -- Star players, rookies look forward to start
Glenn Miller, Ft. Myers News-Press

Baseball spring training is a time unlike any other in Southwest Florida. ... Early arrivals at City of Palms Park in Fort Myers include Red Sox manager Joe Kerrigan, hitting instructor Dwight Evans and pitcher Derek Lowe.

After scare, Lomasney looks ahead
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

As a catcher who had taken thousands of foul tips off nearly every part of his body, Steve Lomasney hardly flinched when he was hit by a line drive during batting practice last August in Pawtucket. Edgard Clemente's blast struck the Peabody native flush in the right eye as he stepped out from behind the protective screen at second base ... the laces of the ball sliced open the top of his eyelid, requiring 30 stitches ...

More Mythmashing
John Brattain,

Jack Morris isn't the only player seeing his career burnished by friendly sportswriters trying to make a Hall of Fame case. The Cleveland Morning Journal's Jim Ingraham is using the election of Ozzie Smith to beat the drums for Omar Vizquel. With all due respect to Ingraham, you cannot compare the achievements of the two players.

Top 40 Prospects for 2002
Baseball Prospectus

1. Hank Blalock, 3B, Texas Rangers
2. Josh Beckett, RHP, Florida Marlins
3. Sean Burroughs, 3B, San Diego Padres
4. Nick Johnson, 1B, New York Yankees
5. Wilson Betemit, SS/3B, Atlanta Braves
... [no Red Sox in Top 40]


February 10, 2002

News from Pedro's trainer
From Saturday's La Hoy (Santo Domingo), translated by Anni from Your Turn

Physical trainer Nao Prescinal Done has asserted that Dominican pitcher Pedro Martinez is totally recovered from the injury that kept him from playing.

Done, who has been working with Martinez throughout the off-season, is very optimistic about the results of the three-time Cy Young award winner.

"Pedro is going to compete for the Cy Young this year", Done assured when interviewed by telephone by reporters from Hoy. "His recovery has gone as we hoped and I am totally sure that this will be another great season for Pedro".

Martinez won the Cy Young award in the National League in the 1997 season when he played with the Montreal Expos. In this season he finished with a 17-8 record and 1.90 ERA while striking out 305 men.

He also won the award in the American League in 1998 and 1999, when he dominated the junior circuit with records of 19-7 and ERA of 2.89 with 251 strikeouts and 23-4 with an ERA of 2.07 with 313 strikeouts, respectively.

He explained that during his rehabilitation, Martinez worked between seven and eight hours per day in the process of strengthening his shoulders to avoid a return to an injury similar to that which limited him during the last season, in which he finished with a 7-3 record and lost nearly two months of action as a result of his health problems.

"The key point of his rehabilitation has been the effort Pedro has put into his recovery. He is a hard worker and for that reason I am confident of his complete recovery", indicated the trainer who takes care of the physical training of several Dominican baseball players during the winter and after the season begins, including Juan Gonzales of the Texas Rangers.

Done emphasized the effort made by Martinez during the last months and classified it as a "great (ending)".

"Pedro has made a great effort to recover from the injury. He has increased the muscle mass of his body and is stronger which will help to avoid injury".

Sox welcome fresh faces, fresh start
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

Gone are many of the overpriced, underachieving veterans who weighed down the Red Sox last season like a collection of sandbags. In are faster, healthier and hungrier players who are expected to bring both positive energy and positive results to a club that ended 2001 in physical and moral decay.

Incredibly, the Red Sox equipment truck is due to leave for Florida from Fenway Park tomorrow. Pitchers and catchers report on Friday. "Basically, it will be a whole new team," said Joe Kerrigan, who arrived in Fort Myers several days ago to begin preparations for his first spring training as manager of the Red Sox. "And that's especially true if you include the guys coming back from injuries."

Sox roster shapes up
Garry Brown, Springfield Union-News

The Red Sox have 58 players on their spring roster, including 22 non-roster invitees. The team still has four openings on the regular 40-man roster, which could indicate that general manager Dan Duquette plans to add players before camp begins. ...

Manager Joe Kerrigan will run a different kind of training camp from the ones operated by his predecessor, Jimy Williams. ... Kerrigan takes a more structured approach, to the point of having most of his regular lineup set, his pitching rotation in order and his bullpen just about there. The main competition for jobs will come in the backup roles.

He'd be useful as a role player -- Henderson could be a steal for Sox
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Except for a last-minute contract snag that involves a relatively piddling amount of money - as little as $20,000 - the greatest leadoff man in baseball history already would have been invited to Red Sox spring camp. If nothing else, having Rickey Henderson in uniform this spring will allow Sox fans to fantasize what it would have been like to have Henderson at 23 or 33 instead of his present age of 43.

AL teams at the start of spring
Josh Dubow, Associated Press

Boston Red Sox

He's Here: OF Johnny Damon, RHP John Burkett, RHP Dustin Hermanson, 1B Tony Clark, LHP Darren Oliver, OF Michael Coleman, LHP Jeff Wallace.

He's Outta Here: OF Carl Everett, RHP Hideo Nomo, OF Troy O'Leary, RHP David Cone, RHP Rod Beck, OF Darren Lewis, 3B John Valentin, INF Mike Lansing, INF Chris Stynes, C Scott Hatteberg.

Spring Chicken: Seung Song. Korean pitcher is the best of a poor lot of prospects for Boston. Went 8-4 with a 1.90 ERA in Class-A last season and could make it to the big leagues by the end of the year. Has outstanding control and a deceptive delivery. Struck out more than a batter an inning with just 36 walks in 123.1 innings.

Outlook: Hung in the race until August last year despite injuries to ace Pedro Martinez and SS Nomar Garciaparra. Team fell apart late under Kerrigan, who had a 17-26 record after Jimy Williams was fired. Freed from the cloud of controversy surrounding Everett, who feuded with both managers, GM Dan Duquette is counting on better health and more durable starters to return Boston to the postseason for the first time since 1999. Kerrigan and Duquette might not make it even to opening day if the new owners decide for an overhaul.

Reshaped Red Sox -- Duquette's Roster, But It's Not His Team
David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

Spring training starts this week and uncertainty still surrounds the Red Sox. It will be that way until outgoing CEO John Harrington hands over the keys of the franchise to the new owners. The closing is scheduled for Feb. 18 - three days after pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers, Fla.

In what is nearly certain to be his last spring training as Red Sox GM, Dan Duquette has put together a team that is capable of playing in October. Chance are, he won't be around to witness it.

2001 & 2002 Opening Day Lineups
David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

2001 Opening Day Lineup        2002 Projected Lineup

2B: Chris Stynes               CF: Johnny Damon
RF: Trot Nixon                 RF: Trot Nixon
C : Jason Varitek              SS: Nomar Garciaparra
DH: Manny Ramirez              LF: Manny Ramirez
CF: Carl Everett               1B: Tony Clark
LF: Troy O'Leary               C : Jason Varitek
3B: Shea Hillenbrand           DH: Brian Daubach
1B: Brian Daubach              3B: Shea Hillenbrand
SS: Craig Grebeck              2B: Jose Offerman/Carlos Baerga/Quilvio Veras

The Red Sox were last in the American League with a collective .244 batting average from the leadoff spot. ... The Red Sox used the disabled list 25 times - 10 more than the Yankees and 15 more than Oakland. ... The Red Sox went 15-30 against the four playoffs teams - the Yankees (5-13), Cleveland (3-6), Oakland (4-5), Seattle (3-6). ... Red Sox pinch hitters combined to hit .148 (13-for-88) with 29 strikeouts. ... Trot Nixon hit in every spot in the order except cleanup.


February 8, 2002

Batting around with Johnny Damon
Mike Petraglia,

When the Red Sox signed Johnny Damon to a four-year contract on Dec. 21, the team acquired not only an impact leadoff hitter, but also a player who could patrol the vast center field reaches of Fenway Park. The 28-year-old Damon batted .256 with nine homers and 49 RBIs for the Oakland A's in 2001. During the American League Division Series against the Yankees, he batted .409 with a .435 on-base percentage and .591 slugging percentage. The Red Sox center fielder sat down with to talk about playing baseball in Boston and his preparation for the upcoming season.

Henderson, DiSarcina in Sox' sights
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

The Red Sox are considering adding Rickey Henderson and Gary DiSarcina to their 2002 team with the idea that one or both of the veterans could add needed depth and experience to the club's bench. Henderson, the legendary Hall-of-Fame-bound outfielder who holds the all-time records in steals, walks and runs, is 43 years old but still wants to play at least one more season. Eric Burak, a spokesman for the Beverly Hills Sports Council that represents Henderson, said that a minor league deal is not done yet but the Red Sox are the most interested team in Henderson.

Rickey likely Boston-bound -- Red Sox would be Henderson's eighth major league club
Tom Krasovic, San Diego Union-Tribune

The Padres had kept the door open for Rickey Henderson, but it shut yesterday when the club learned that Henderson, 43, probably will join the Boston Red Sox as a nonroster invitee.

Report: Sammy Sosa loses $20,000 in robbery at Venezuelan hotel
Associated Press

Chicago Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa was robbed of $20,000 he and his brother left on a desk in a Caracas hotel lobby, a newspaper reported today. Sosa and his brother, Jose Antonio, had the cash in a plastic bag wrapped inside a towel as they sat talking in the lobby of the Caracas Hilton last Saturday ... The brothers forgot the bag when they left to eat at a hotel restaurant. Remembering it, they rushed back to the lobby but the cash was gone, the newspaper said.

Chief Wahoo survives Indians' uniform change
Associated Press

The Indians will have new uniforms this season to go along with a few new faces, and the team's controversial mascot Chief Wahoo will remain a part of the uniforms.


February 6, 2002

Red Sox Spring Training preview
Mike Petraglia,

The 2002 Red Sox are looking for a fresh attitude starting with Spring Training in Fort Myers -- and a healthy one, too.

Feb. 11  Equipment truck leaves Fenway Park
Feb. 15  Pitchers & catchers report
Feb. 16  First pitchers & catchers workout
Feb. 19  Position players report
Feb. 20  First full squad workout

Garces, Sox come to terms
Sean Smith, Boston Globe

The Red Sox found middle ground in their contract negotiations with reliever Rich Garces. The robust righthander agreed to a one-year deal yesterday [$2.2 million], avoiding salary arbitration. Garces, who went 6-1 last season with a 3.90 ERA in 62 appearances, was seeking $2.6 million. The Red Sox were offering $1.8 million.

Sox would love a parade, too
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Patriots special teams captain Larry Izzo gained an instant fan in Duquette after Izzo led the City Hall crowd in the always-popular but completely out-of-place "Yankees Suck'' chant. "I was real impressed when they started my favorite cheer,'' Duquette said.


February 3, 2002

On Baseball
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Among the early arrivals in Fort Myers were outfielder Michael Coleman, catcher Steve Lomasney, and pitcher Paxton Crawford. ... Joe Kerrigan might be inclined to use Manny Ramirez as designated hitter more. ... Crawford [who has shaved his head] said he is over the back problems that limited him to just eight appearances last season ... The Red Sox still say Pedro Martinez intends to be in camp by next Sunday [Feb. 10].

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