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Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Garciaparra Sidelined for Two Weeks

Nomar Garciaparra is sidelined for one to two weeks with significant swelling due to a "split tendon" in his right wrist. Garciaparra said he woke up Monday, noticed the swelling and couldn't move his right wrist. He hasn't thrown a ball or swung a bat since workouts Sunday.

Red Sox Notebook

It certainly isn't surprising that people want tips on pitching from one of the best in the business. That's why it was fascinating to watch as Pedro Martinez, during an interview with ESPN's Peter Gammons, showed the many grips he uses before delivering the ball plate-ward.

Among the grips Pedro demonstrated were his sinker two fingers between the seams and his one-of-a-kind "circle" change-up his index finger and thumb on the side of the ball and the other fingers wrapped around.


The weekend's highlight likely occurs Saturday when right-hander David Cone makes his first game appearance in a Red Sox uniform against the Texas Rangers. Cone will start and throw up to 50 pitches in the contest. Tomo Ohka, Tim Wakefield and southpaw Kent Mercker will follow Cone on the mound Saturday. Jimy Williams says Ohka will pitch only one inning because he will probably return to game action sooner than his typical four days rest.

Sunday's contest features the Red Sox debut of right-hander Hideo Nomo. Nomo will start the game and throw 50 pitches or three innings. Paxton Crawford will relieve Nomo; left-hander Pete Schourek is also slated to see action in the game against cross-town rival Minnesota at Lee County Stadium.

Frank Castillo is scheduled to make his second start on Monday against Montreal in Jupiter. Right-handed flame-thrower Sunny Kim will follow Castillo, with the rest of Monday's pitchers to be determined.

For Friday night's Boston College game, a shortened seven-inning contest, Williams says he will throw right-hander Carlos Castillo, southpaws Casey Fossum, Luis Arroyo, Rafael Bettancourt and other minor league pitchers.

Circling the bases
By Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

With mostly minor league pitchers set for the Boston College exhibition game Friday night, Williams announced that David Cone, Tim Wakefield, Tomo Ohka and Kent Mercker will pitch Saturday and Hideo Nomo, Paxton Crawford and Pete Schourek on Sunday. Pedro Martinez's first spring outing will be Wednesday in Clearwater against the Phillies.

Red Sox Notebook
By Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Pedro Martinez is scheduled to face hitters for the first time since Sept. 26 when he throws batting practice today.

Boston ace Martinez to start March 7
The Sporting News
[same story at]

Pedro Martinez is scheduled to make his first spring training appearance March 7 against Philadelphia in Clearwater.

Martinez, who arrived last Thursday, threw about 50 pitches off a mound Monday. He was expected to throw once more on the side and at least one batting practice before facing the Phillies, ... Boston's seventh game of spring training.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Pedro in the land of the giants
Other great fastball pitchers may be bigger and stronger,
but the Red Sox ace has something special on his side: biomechanics
By Larry Tye, Boston Globe [Science section]

The world knows that Red Sox prodigy Pedro Martinez can mow down any mortal gripping a baseball bat. The question now is how long the 29-year-old Martinez can hold up.

Red Sox Notebook, February 26

Pedro Martinez is scheduled to make his 2001 spring debut on Wednesday, March 7 when the Red Sox play the Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater.

Martinez says he won't get overly excited about making the start until he sees how he feels after throwing against live batting. "I want to see how I throw against hitters in my two BP sessions. The important thing is to see how I react with my breaking ball. Remember, I haven't thrown against hitters since September."

Martinez offered up his first heavy dose of breaking balls Monday morning during a 15-minute side session. The Sox ace also threw about 50 more pitches all with significantly higher velocity than he did during his Saturday session.

Ahead of the game
By Steven Krasner, Providence Journal

"I felt stronger," said Martinez, who was throwing for the second time since arriving last Thursday. "I was a little erratic with my breaking balls, but you don't need them yet."

In preparation for his assignment against the Phillies, Martinez spent some time bunting in the tunnel, with Jimy Williams throwing. Martinez, who hasn't had a bat in his hands since the 1999 season, was pleased with his performance. "I thought I had lost the touch, but I didn't," he said with a smile.

Pedro on schedule
Red Sox Notebook
By Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Pedro Martinez threw in the bullpen for the second time yesterday morning and will face hitters in batting practice tomorrow and Saturday. Barring any added days of rest, the two-time defending American League Cy Young Award winner will make five starts in spring training.

A side dish of Pedro
Red Sox Notebook
By Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

Pedro Martinez threw about 50 pitches in a 15-minute bullpen session, his last side session before he throws batting practice tomorrow. Martinez is scheduled to make his first start of the spring in the club's second NL road game, March 7 against Philadelphia in Clearwater.

A much-heralded Knight
CCRI's Arias is the cousin of Pedro Martinez

By Bill Reynolds, Providence Journal

Oliver Arias spent last summer living with his cousin outside of Boston, learning English, getting acclimated to life in America, this place that's so different from his native Dominican Republic.

Sounds like your typical new immigrant story, right? The kind that happen every day in this state, right? Well, not really. Not if your cousin is Pedro Martinez ...

Red Sox talk of the town
With new team, Ramirez comes out of his shell, making Boston happy as a clam
By Jack Etkin, Denver Rocky Mountain News

Thanks to a staggering investment and a position switch by Manny Ramirez, the Boston Red Sox have extended their elite lineage in left field.

[Feature article quoting Dan Duquette and David Cone and offering some insight into why Ramirez soured on Cleveland]

Monday, February 26, 2001

Pedro Martinez Looks Towards 2001 Season

Pedro Martinez enters spring training 2001 with one goal in mind to become part of a Red Sox World Series championship team. That's something he knows drives the hunger of the New England baseball faithful.

Word to the wise
Martinez: Players should honor deals
Boston Globe

Are you disgusted by multimillionaire ballplayers complaining about their contracts because the bar was raised last winter with the signings of Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez?

Pedro Martinez is with you.

''I think that's whining,'' Martinez said yesterday morning. ''If you sign and you agreed to that, stick to your word.''

... ''At the time [Frank Thomas and Gary Sheffield signed], they were better paid than most of the players. They just have to stick to it. They are professional. They have to understand that if they agreed to that, they keep their word. They can't complain.

''It's just like with the owners. When they pay a guy $200 million, they're doing it because they can. Don't complain later on. Don't come over and say we need a salary cap and stuff. ..."

This season, Martinez is being paid $12.5 million. "I won't complain. You can't win [with the public], but it's also a matter of pride. If you gave your word for $10 million, stick to your 10, wait until you're a free agent, and renegotiate then."

... At the moment, Martinez doesn't even have an agent. ... There's no urgency to find a new agent, Martinez said. "I don't think I need an agent to negotiate. If I'm at my peak, I just want to be treated like I'm at my peak. If I'm not at my peak, I'll take whatever I deserve.''

... Martinez said he has not been approached by the Sox [about a contract extension]. ''I still have three years to go. I'll let them take the first step. I'll never say anything. I don't need to. I don't have to. It's not my right.''

The lineup
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

Jimy Williams announced the pitchers for the opening game of spring training Thursday at City of Palms Park against Minnesota: Frank Castillo, Rolando Arrojo, Todd Erdos , Allen McDill , Jesus Pena , Bryan Ward , and Brian Williams. As always, Williams expects to use mostly minor league pitchers Friday in the club's annual game against Boston College.


Sunday, February 25, 2001

A changeup for Martinez over the winter
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

For the first time in eight years, Pedro Martinez tried something different this winter. He didn't throw off a pitcher's mound.

Pedro is fresh
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

After spending time on the disabled list in consecutive seasons, Pedro Martinez tried a new tactic this offseason in an effort to avoid fatigue.

Pedro well-armed and well-rested
Steven Krasner, Providence Journal

It turns out Pedro Martinez did something different over the winter after all. He rested.

Martinez feels good after spring training debut
The Sporting News

Pedro Martinez felt fine Saturday after throwing off a mound for the first time in nearly five months.


Saturday, February 24, 2001

Cone BP session goes well
Steven Krasner, Providence Journal

Pedro Martinez also played long toss yesterday. He is expected to throw on the side today or tomorrow for the first time this spring.


Friday, February 23, 2001

Pedro is here and all is well
Gerry Callahan, Boston Herald

As he moved over to the rope line on his way off the practice field, grown men with sunburned noses and Red Sox caps reached out to touch him like Monica reached for Bill. They held out baseballs that were as white as their legs and black Sharpie pens, and begged the great man for an autograph, as if a signed ball would serve to replace a failed organ and extend their life for many years.

Pedro makes scene: Ace's presence brings stability, confidence
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

They can enlarge the strike zone and give him a new offense, fire his agents and even take away his brother. In the end, Pedro Martinez is a rock in the ever-changing world of Major League Baseball, a true constant, the unshakeable foundation on which the 2001 Red Sox are built.

"I've had some success with the things I'm doing,'' Martinez added. "I'm not going to change anything. ... I want to finish my career here. I don't want to go anywhere else and wander around."

Hugs, high hopes with Pedro
Steven Krasner, Providence Journal

The chant began as soon as he sauntered out of the clubhouse and into the bright sunshine at the Boston Red Sox' minor league facility. "Pedro, Pedro, Pedro!"

Unrivaled arrival
Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

Manny. Nomar. Carl. Now Pedro. They are the Fab Four of the Red Sox and they successfully staggered their arrivals so each had his own day in the blinding Florida sun.

A beefier Pedro checks in at Red Sox camp
The Sporting News/AP

Those extra days of home cooking showed when a beefier Pedro Martinez arrived Thursday at Red Sox training camp. ...  Martinez appeared to be about 10 pounds heavier than the 170 pounds listed in the team roster.

Martinez adds weight during offseason

He trained at home by running, swimming, lifting weights, catching a medicine ball and doing aerobics. It's a routine he's followed for years. "You think I should change?" he asked with a playful grin.


Thursday, February 22, 2001

Pedro Martinez in Camp

Baseball's most dominant pitcher arrived in Fort Myers bright and early Thursday morning ready for workouts. Pedro Martinez entered the Red Sox minor league complex just after 8 a.m. He is currently scheduled to throw batting practice on Friday during workouts.

Ramirez heads for left field
Steven Krasner, Providence Journal

Manny Ramirez is Boston's new left fielder.

Monster job for Ramirez
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Having spoken to all the principals involved, Red Sox manager Jimy Williams yesterday announced Manny Ramirez will switch from right field to left field, the most obvious signal yet the team intends to trade Troy O'Leary.

''I've never played left field, but oh, no, if [Williams] thinks I can help the team in left, no problem, I'll try my best and see what happens,'' said Ramirez, who played center field at George Washington High School in New York but said he has never played anywhere but right field professionally.

Manny move a no-brainer
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

Red Sox manager Jimy Williams waited until the final two weeks of spring training to move John Valentin from shortstop to second base in 1997, but he isn't wasting any time now.

Ramirez moving from right to left

Manny Ramirez will get plenty of chances to hit the ball over the Green Monster at Fenway Park and to field balls off it, too. Boston manager Jimy Williams said Wednesday he's switching his likely cleanup hitter from right field to left, a position he never played in his 967 games in seven-plus seasons with Cleveland.
Manny Ramirez -- Espn Magazine Cover Story
By Dan Le Batard

Part One
"I don't like too many things in my head. I don't care who is pitching. All I need to see is the ball. My mind is always clean. Empty, empty, empty."
Part Two 
"They [the Indians] always lie to the players. They wanted to make me look bad with fans so they could look good. They don't know what they're doing. The owner doesn't know anything about baseball. I was a calf raised on that farm, and I appreciate the opportunity they gave me, but they should be ashamed."


Monday, February 19, 2001

Pedro delay gets Sox OK
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Heading off a potential lingering controversy before it had time to get legs, the Red Sox issued a press release yesterday saying that Pedro Martinez wouldn't be in camp until Thursday.

Pedro's absent, but don't worry
Steven Krasner, Providence Journal

All of the Red Sox pitchers and catchers were supposed to be in camp yesterday, participating in the team's first official workout. But there was one pitcher missing. A rather important pitcher.

Sun-splashed scenes for Red Sox
Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

... Martinez, in what has become his annual rite of spring, remained in the Dominican Republic for personal reasons and was scheduled to report Thursday, his latest arrival in four seasons with the Sox. [Jimy] Williams downplayed the absence, noting that Martinez always has reported in top condition and that players are not required to report under the collective bargaining agreement anyway until March 1.

Martinez To Report on February 22
Boston Red Sox

Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez will report to camp on Thursday. The club announced Sunday that the pitcher has been in contact with the organization and has informed them that he is taking care of some "personal matters" and will report on February 22.


Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Arms Buildup in Camp
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

"I've had a good feeling all winter," Red Sox pitching coach Joe Kerrigan said yesterday morning. "Usually, I worry. Not this year."

Let Red Sox fans fret about the identity of the rotation beyond Pedro Martinez, which almost certainly will feature four different pitchers than began last season. Kerrigan thinks the arms assembled by Dan Duquette this winter give the Sox more depth than they've had since he became pitching coach in 1997.


Sunday, February 11, 2001

Kerrigan is armed with a plan
Will McDonough, Boston Globe

Kerrigan and Williams are considering giving the best pitcher in the game, Pedro Martinez, even more rest than in the past. "Our goal with Pedro is to keep him healthy all season," Kerrigan said. "The last two years he has broken down just before the All-Star Game. We don't want that to happen again. ... We are going to keep him in a five-man rotation, but whenever there is a chance to give him the extra day of rest, we are going to do it."

It's time to line 'em up and roll 'em out
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

Precisely one week from today, Red Sox pitchers and catchers will step onto the fields at the team's minor league complex in Fort Myers and officially begin preparations for the 2001 baseball season. For some, the most critical developments of the season will take place in the six weeks leading up to April 2 -- the date of the Sox' season opener against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards.
[Long overview of who will be in camp.]

CNNSI Red Sox Preview
Lonny Krasnow,

Coming off consecutive postseason appearances for the first time since 1915-16, the Boston Red Sox took a step backward last season.


Friday, February 9, 2001

'Saddle up the horses': With trail's end uncertain, Duquette has Sox armed for shootout
Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

The official start of spring training is still more than a week away, but already the storylines have been crisply drawn for the 2001 Red Sox.
As things stand, the Red Sox will have 58 players at spring training, the group consisting of their 40-man roster and a list of 18 additional invitees.

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